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Deadline for abstract submission has ended. Submitters will be informed about the acceptance of their abstracts by August 16, 2021.

Please note: Accepted abstracts will only be added to the final program after the registration fee has been paid. A maximum of two abstracts per presenting author is allowed.


Abstracts IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY may be submitted as ...

  • Research abstract
  • Policy abstract
  • Practice abstract

for the following types of presentation ...

  • Oral presentation (presentation of 10-15 minutes)
  • Mini oral (pitch) presentation (presentation of 3-5 minutes)
  • E-poster presentation

Submitters are invited to select their preferred type of presentation. Papers submitted for oral or mini oral presentation will, if not suitable for the chosen categories, automatically be considered for mini oral or e-poster presentation in case the quality allows.

All abstracts should be subdivided into:

  • Introduction/Background/Problem
  • Description of Objectives/Methods/Intervention
  • Results (effects/impact/changes)
  • Conclusions/Lessons learned
  • Relevance to HPH

with a total of maximum 2.000 characters (including blanks) for the whole abstract.
Abstracts may not contain tables, images or special characters.

Deadline: All abstracts received until July 4, 2021 will be screened by the Scientific Committee.


We welcome especially the submission of topics related to the conference main theme, topics related to the new 2020 Standards for Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services and on topics related to the HPH Task Forces and Working Groups.

Conference theme:

Development of health-oriented health care management systems

Structures and processes of health-oriented management systems

  • Health care management systems, structures and processes to optimize health gain for patients, staff and populations served
  • Governance models, culture, policy and leadership for HPH
  • Health workforce practice and training
  • Accessibility of services
  • Health literate health care organizations
  • Digitalization in health care and health promotion
  • Monitoring, implementation and evaluation

Enhancing people-centered health care and user involvement

  • Patient and provider communication and patient empowerment
  • Supporting patient behavior change and healthy lifestyles; food, nutrition and diet, physical activity, tobacco prevention, addictive behaviors
  • Prevention of NCDs and chronic disease management
  • Health promotion responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

Applying the HPH setting for specific target groups

  • Child, adolescent and maternal health
  • Age-friendly health care
  • Migration, equity and diversity in health care
  • Healthy workplace
  • Mental health

Promoting health in the wider society and a sustainable society

  • Identifying and addressing health needs in the society
  • Environmental sustainability, climate change and health
  • Sharing information, research and capacity
  • Other issues relevant to HPH


All abstracts received until July 4, 2021 will be screened by the Scientific Committee. Each abstract will be reviewed by 2 experts from the Scientific Committee and scored on the basis of the following criteria: 

  • Is the abstract of relevance to health promoting hospitals and health services?
  • Is the description of background/problem/introduction and objectives/methods/intervention clear and sufficient?
  • Are the results (effects/impact/changes) significant and justify the conclusions/lessons learned?
  • Is the quality of the abstract sufficient in terms of language (clarity, English language, explanation of abbreviations) and content (logical sequence and cohesiveness of the abstract)?
  • Are there any ethical concerns about this abstract?

All submitters will be informed about the decision of the Scientific Committee by August 16, 2021.