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Program & Proceedings

Speakers and poster presenters have the possibility to provide their contributions for the virtual proceedings. You will find the contributions linked in the individual program sections below.

Instructions for upload

To upload your presentation into the virtual proceedings of the conference, please log into your account. For each accepted abstract, you will find an upload button at the very right of the abstract list. Click on it, select a file from your PC and upload it. The file will automatically be linked and immediately be available for download in the session you presented in. You can only upload files in pdf-format, the maximum size allowed is 1MB!

Plenary session recordings

Plenary 1: Health-orientation of health services by management systems – what and why?

Plenary 2: Health-orientation of health care services by management systems – how? – Models and standards of good practices

Plenary 2: Health orientation of health care services by management systems – how? – Models and standards of good practices



Portrait Hatonen.jpg
Heli Hätönen

Vice-Chair of the International HPH Network

Heli Hätönen, PhD is a Ministerial Advisor for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health where she is responsible for the promotion of health and wellbeing. Heli has over 20 years of experience in the management, development, and research of social healthcare, including health promotion and prevention. Heli earned her PhD in 2010 from Turku University. She is the National Coordinator for the HPH Network in Finland.

Portrait Hochet.jpg
Marianne Hochet

Resources and development manager, French Network for Addiction Prevention (RESPADD), Paris

Marianne Hochet is a public health engineer. After few months at the National Public Health Agency, she has now been working for two years for the French Network for Addiction Prevention (RESPADD) in Paris. As resources and development manager, she is involved in most of the association projects and coordinates some of them on several topics like harm reduction for alcohol consumption or brief intervention in sexual health. Marianne is also serving for the GNTH governance board. She coordinates the French HPH Network, by supporting hospitals and health services and providing them with resources. In 2021, the RESPADD was designated as the local host for the 28th International HPH Conference, which is currently part of her mission.

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