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Plenary 1

Celebrating achievements from the past, identifying challenges for the future

Venue: Audimax


Portrait Brunner.jpg
Prof. Gernot BRUNNER, MD

President, Austrian HPH Network and Chief Medical Officer, University Hospital of Graz, AUT

Gernot Brunner is the Chief Medical Officer of the University Hospital of Graz, Austria, since 2008. Prior to this position he was associate professor and specialist in internal medicine (intensive care medicine) at the Department of Internal Medicine at the Medical University of Graz, Austria.

Since 2016 he is the head of the executive board of the Austrian HPH Network.

Portrait Walewska.jpg

Chair, HPH Governance Board and Coordinator, HPH Network Poland, POL

Dr hab. n. med. Bożena Walewska-Zielecka is a current chair of the Governance Board of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services and a member of the Governance Board since 2014.
Dr hab. n. med.  Bożena Walewska-Zielecka graduated from Medical University of Warsaw, she is specialist in internal medicine (special interest hepatology) and pathology (liver diseases). She worked for many years in the National Institute of Public Health, National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw, where she developed her scientific career. Her special interest in science is epidemiology and aetiopathogenesis of liver diseases. Dr Walewska-Zielecka is a Member of the Health Sciences Faculty Board at the Medical University of Warsaw and current teacher at the University.  

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