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Program & Proceedings

Plenary 4: Dialogue and digitalization in health promoting primary health care and public health

Venue: Grand Ballroom


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Health Care Manager, Public Health and Health Care Policies, Member of the HPH Governance Board

Cristina Iniesta Blasco, MD PhD

  • Deputy Chief Executive Parc de Salut Mar, Barcelona (from 2016)
  • President HPH-Catalunya, Spain
  • Master in Organizational Development Health and Social Institutions (UAB-CSPT)
  • Lecturer in Management in health-care institutions (Master UAB University)

Public Health, Health Care Policies (2010-2016)

  • MP Catalan Government Parliament
  • Health Delegate City Council Barcelona (President Public Health Agency, Deputy President Health Consortium Barcelona)
  • General Director Catalan Health Department -Orders and Regulations in Health Services

Health Care Manager (1986-2010)

  • Head  AE- Emergency department (Hospital General Vall d’Hebron Barcelona, Spain)
  • Deputy Medical Director (Hospital General Vall d’Hebron Barcelona)
  • Technical Manager Integrated-Care (Hospital General Vall d’Hebron Barcelona)
  • Technical Manager (Fundació Dr. Robert UAB University)
  • Director (Hospital Mar Barcelona, Spain)
  • Clinical Management (Director, Parc de Salut Mar Barcelona, Spain)
  • Deputy Chief Executive (Parc de Salut Mar Barcelona, Spain)
Portrait Glazewska_Joanna_01.jpg

Department of Public Health and Family, Ministry of Health, Poland

Joanna Głażewska – head of the Programmes Planning Unit in the Department of Public Health and Family, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland. Currently she is responsible for planning, executing and monitoring of public health policy. Experienced in international and national intersectoral cooperation, including policy planning, multi-stakeholder negotiations, communicable and non-communicable diseases combination prevention initiatives. Her main fields of interest are focused on risky behaviors, health as a human right, equality and equity issues.

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