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Opening Plenary: Impact of critical trends on public health and health care – the role of health promotion

Venue: NN

Panel Discussion: Experiences in dealing with critical trends

Portrait Juszczyk_Grzegorz.jpg

Director General, National Institute of Public Health, Poland

Grzegorz Juszczyk, MPH, Ph.D., is the director-general of the National Institute of Public Health in Poland since October 2017. He is a public health specialist who has worked as a researcher at the Department of Public Health at Medical University of Warsaw in Poland. He received his Master of Public degree in  Poland (Jagiellonian University in Cracow) and in the Netherlands (Maastricht University). He has also graduated from the one-year preMBA managerial training.

Dr. Juszczyk earned his doctorate degree in public health from Medical University of Warsaw in 2008. His main research interest concerns health of working population and interventions that may increase healthy life years. Since 2003 he has had, as a consultant, the opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion activities for employees and their families in more than 200 public and private companies in Poland. He has also supervised the processes of health needs assessment for employees and teams implementing preventive and education activities for more than 1,200,000. In 2013-2016 on behalf of Polish employers he had been a member of the Advisory Committee on safety and health at work (ACSH) by the European Commission.


Vice President, WONCA Europe

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