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Fee table

Payment will be possible in Japanese Yen only. Conference fees include the welcome reception, farewell refreshments, coffee and lunch breaks on Thursday and Friday, as well as conference material.

Japanese participants: Due to a subsidy from the Local Committee, participants from Japan benefit from a discount on their conference fees.

For your information, you can find a currency converter here.

For country listing, see current Worldbank Income Classifications (List of economies).


Early bird registration fee is valid for registration and payment before July 14, 2024.

Early registration
Late and on-site registration
Upper-income countries – HPH member¥ 60.000¥ 75.000
Upper-income countries – Non-member¥ 78.000¥ 97.500
Middle-income countries – HPH member¥ 36.000¥ 45.000
Middle-income countries – Non-member¥ 46.800¥ 58.500
Low-income countries – HPH member¥ 30.000¥ 37.500
Low-income countries – Non-member¥ 39.000¥ 48.750
Students¥ 30.000¥ 37.500
Conference dinner¥ 20.000¥ 20.000
Hospital Tour¥ 5.000¥ 5.000
GNTH Pre-conference¥ 9.000¥ 9.000

For participants from Japan


Early registration       Late and on-site
HPH member       ¥ 40.000¥ 55.000
Non-member¥ 58.000¥ 77.500
Students¥ 20.000¥ 25.000
Conference dinner¥ 20.000¥ 20.000