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Plenary 5: Strengthening health promotion and disease prevention in primary health services

Venue: NN


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Member of the HPH Governance Board and Coordinator of the HPH Network Hong Kong, HKG

Alan Siu Yuk-Lun, R.D., MBA
Manager, Lifestyle Management Center Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
Registered Dietitian (USA), Lifestyle Medicine Clinic
HPH Regional Network Coordinator (HKG) & Senior Advisor (China), Health Promoting Hospital
Member of the HPH Governance Board

Hong Kong-born Mr. Alan Siu Yuk-Lun studied nutrition in the USA. After graduating in 2004, he joined Adventist Health as a Health Educator at the Wildwood Lifestyle Centre in Georgia.
Since his return to Hong Kong in 2007, Mr. Siu actively promoted a healthy lifestyle across Hong Kong, Macau and China in corporations, as well as in hospitals and within the community.
In 2012, Mr. Siu was appointed to be HPH regional coordinator in Hong Kong, senior advisor in China, and one of the governance board members in the WHO-initiated international HPH network. His special focus is on supporting hospitals in China to promote a healthy living, and on developing the Chinese HPH network. 

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Chair of the HPH Task Force on Migrant-Friendly and Culturally Competent Health Care, Head of Research and Innovation Unit, and, Local Health Unit of Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna, ITA

I have a degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna (Italy), a Master degree in Promotion and Governance of Health Research from the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia, and a PhD by research in Sociology from the University of Leicester (UK). Since 2001, I am the Head of Research and Innovation Department of the Local Health Authority of Reggio Emilia in Italy (AUSL-RE). Since 2005, I lead the international HPH-Task Force on Migrant-Friendly Hospitals and Health Services and the Regional Health Promoting Hospitals Network of Emilia-Romagna. I have a specific expertise on the impact of health inequalities and health service access barriers on the health status of migrants in Europe and have published articles and presented papers on the issue of migrant's health care in national and international journals and conferences.
Following my doctorate in sociology my research interests have focused on health promotion, migrants’ health and health care services’ responsiveness and adaptation to diversity. I have been directly involved in a number of international projects: the Migrant-Friendly Hospitals (2002-2005); Race, Criminal Justice & Drugs (2007-10); ChAPAP (2007-2010); NowHereCare (2008-2011); COST Action HOME (2007-2011); PROMOVAX (2010 – 2012); EURO Monitoring Migrant Health (2013- 2015); COST Action ADAPT (2012-2015); MEM-TP (2012-2015) Migrant and Ethnic Minorities Training Packages; SH-CAPAC (2016) “Supporting health coordination, assessments, planning, access to health care and capacity building in Member States under particular migratory pressure”. At present, I coordinate the international project on the development of Standards for Equity in Health Care for Migrants and other Vulnerable Groups.

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