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Dear attendees, dear speakers,
First of all, and as the local Host of the 28th International HPH Conference, the team of the RESPADD would like to sincerely thank each of you for your participation and attending the conference. It has been a great pleasure to organize this event for you and to gather so many countries and people around the topic of Development of health-oriented health care management systems.

As you must know, we faced an important technical issue which disrupted the flow of the conference. We are truly sorry about that and we assure you that we did our very best to solve this issue and to offer solutions.

Unfortunately, we suffered this situation after a server failure from OVH (a French server) which occurred the morning of the conference and lasted two days in all the country (France) and paralyzed more than 15 000 websites, including the conference platform. Indeed, the platform to support the video content was damaged because of this technical issue.

It was, also for us, a real pity and a huge disappointment after our enormous involvement to prepare this event which was in the meantime a real challenge because it was the first HPH conference held in a virtual format but also a great pride for us to be part of it. This technical issue, which we were not responsible for and for which we were not able to do much more, was a really unfortunate event for all of us that occurred on the worst day.

Even if this issue was a real burden for us and for you to attend some sessions or to present your work, we really hope that you enjoyed the conference as much as we did, that you learned a lot and were able to exchange with professionals from all over the world.

As a solution to provide you with as many contents as possible, most of the sessions that didn’t take place in live on the D-Day of the conference were recorded and broadcasted online in the post-streaming. Except from some sessions of the first slot, all parallel and plenary sessions are available.

Moreover, since it was unfortunately not possible for everyone to show their presentation due to technical problem, we would like to especially point out the possibility that you can upload your contributions on the website of the International Conference Secretariat. The conference proceedings will be continuously updated at: In case you had an oral or mini oral presentation, please upload it in pdf format to the proceedings to make it available to a wider audience.

With our warmest regards,

Marianne Hochet,
On behalf of the RESPADD team