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The 29th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services will take place in a hybrid format, with the option to participate in-person or online. All the plenary sessions and almost all parallel sessions will be live streamed.

All registered participants (in-person and online) will have access to a landing page with live chat capability, the live stream of the program, the e-poster gallery, and to on-demand post-viewing for at least two more months after the conference.

The times given in the conference program correspond to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Poster Gallery

Building an automated structural information system to shorten the shift time of nursing staff and improve their satisfaction

Shu Yen Lee,Wei Ping Llee, Mei Jung Chen,Rou Yun Ding

Situational analysis of medical care for heart failure patients in a regional hospital in central Taiwan

Cheng-Sheng Lin,Pin-Chun Lin,Yi-Chun Yang

Reduce the rate of HbA1C>9% in outpatients with diabetes in the hospital

Hsiu-Yun Teng,Yu-Ling Lin,Chi-Sung Hsu,Hui-Chaun Chiang,Huey-Jen Lay

Suitability Assessment of Health Education Materials of Elderly Health Check-up Examinees in a Medical Center in Taipei City

Ping-An Chen,Che-yi Su,Yi-chu Yang

Dropped the nurses’ medication administration errors in the emergency room

Pai-Yu Huang,Yi-Chun Shen,Min-Huei Hung,Kai-chen Wu,Chia-Chi Nien,Tzu-Chen Lu,Yu-Hsuan Chen,Mei-Chuan Wu

Implementation of the patient Navigation Encourage the treatment willingness of cancer in a regional hospital

Chang Tzu-pin,Chen Wan-Ju,Hsieh Shu-Hua,Tsai Yu -Wei,Fan Wen-chieh

The effects of integrated outpatient services for people with disabilities

I-Hsiu Liou,Jin-Shuen Chen ,Shu-Qi Chen ,Sheng-Hui Tuan ,Shu-Fen Sun ,Shin-Tsu Chang,Wan-Yun Huang

Reducing the Probability of COVID-19 Infection in Elderly Community through APPs Courses

Ming-Chi Tsai,Chin-Chia Cheng,Li-Hui Tsai

Discussion on the Correlation between Health Literacy of the Aged and Communication Ability

Mei-Na Liu

Improving the quality of telemedicine services in international medical care

Hui-Chu Huang,Whei-Mei Shih,Lanny White,Shu-Yi Chang,Wei-Jie Zeng,Li- Jin Liu,Yi- Wen Liao,Cheng-Yen Chiang,Mei-Chu Tasi

Examining the effects of tourism virtual reality on the mental well-being of long-term care residents

Cheng-chia Yang,Yu-Chia Chang

How to increase the workforce of home care services? Current situation and reflections in Taiwan.

Chi-Chun Su

Reduce the repurchase rate of surgical instrument trays

Pei-Rong Chung

Nursing Experience of Caring for a Liver Transplant Recipient


Healing of skin protectant on Management of Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis in adult

Immediate blood draw after Retrograde intrarenal surgery for early detection of signs of sepsis

Tzu-Wei Tseng,Pi-Chin Kao,Chi-Hsiang Wu

Reducing the Loss Rate of Lower Extremity Muscle Strength in Patients After Liver Transplantation


A project to improve the rate of unplanned endotracheal tube slippage in a respiratory care unit

Chuan-Wen Lien,Hsu-Min Chien,Yun-Hsiang Chan ,Ying-Moan Huang,Yuan Xi Du

Effectiveness of Pharmacist’s Medication Assessments in Perioperative Care

Wei-Ting LIN,Shu-Hui LAI,Yen-Yu HSIEH,Chin-Yun TSAI,Yuan-Hsin TSAI,Ming-Chou KU

Enhancing Preemptive Kidney Disease Care With Intelligent Solutions At A Medical Center in Taiwan


Towards the safer care for the people with multiple chronic conditions: Developing the trigger tool for multimorbid patients in Estonia (MUPETT—MUltimorbid Patients—Estonian Trigger Tool).

Angela Kannukene,Kaja Põlluste,Carola Orrego,Margus Lember

Reducing post-dialysis arterial fistula osmosis rates in haemodialysis patients


Improve the effectiveness of itinerant visits in geriatric care institutions

Wen-chieh Chen,Jui-Lan Fang,Su-Fang Huang,Hsiu-Chun Lai,Ming-Ren Huang,Chia-chi Yen

Prospective of Regional Hospital Setting Case Management Care Integrated System for Patients Care in Taiwan

Kuan-Hung Chen,Anthony Chen,Tien-Hung Chou

Gender Differences in Body Constitution and Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yu-Ying Hsu,Tzu-Cheng Pan,Pei-Ling Tang

The effect of correct posture on the accuracy of bone density test

Yi-Fang Wang,Zi-Qi Chen,Shi-Yang Wang,Ren-Chich Chen, Chia-Chi Yen,Ming-Ren Huang,Ko Chang

Identifying High-Risk Older Patients for Admission in the Emergency Department: a hospital-based cohort study

Yu-Ting Peng,Mei-Chen Liao,Li-Ping Tzou,Fong-dee Huang,Chih-Kuang Liang,Ming-Yueh Chou

The Comparison between Two Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Tools in Prediction of Subclinical Coronary Artery Disease

Yu-Cing Shih,Betty Chia-Chen Chang,Lee-Ching Hwang

Two-year follow-up: Improving complete oral hygiene practices with psychiatric inpatients

L.-E. Lin,Y.-H. Chang,C.-H. Chang

The Health Belief Model of COVID-19 Vaccine for the Psychiatric Patients and The Relative Factors

Szu-Wei Lee,Hui-Min Hsu,Ying-Pei Chien,Shu-Ping Chou

Applying Yalom’s Therapeutic Factors to Examine Effects of Participation in Interpersonal Relationship Growth Group on Schizophrenia Residents at a Psychiatric Nursing Home

Hsin-JU Yang

Effectiveness of Front-line Personnel Etiquette Training on Interpersonal Communication Skills of People with Chronic Mental Illness: A Pilot Study

Chia-Chih Lu,Wei-Hsin Wu,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

How to help the family member to deal with their grief

Pei Chi Chen,Ping-Fang Yuan

Effects of Short-Term Dance Group Intervention on Improving Self-Efficacy in People with Chronic Mental Illness: A Preliminary Study

Chen-Yoy Lee,Wei-Hsin Wu,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin,Chia-Chih Lu

The effect of intensive care unit diary on incidence of anxiety and depression of intensive care unit survivors: A systematic review.

Jyun-Sian WU,Chao-Yen WU,Han-Wen YEH

Expressive Arts Activities for Spiritual Care of Patients in Psychiatric Day Care Wards


Comparison of EEG and pulse wave stress results for employees in the first and second half of the year


Effects of different breathing exercises on anxiety patient

Yi-Chun Lin

The Effectiveness of Optimizing Preoperative Counseling Value Stream and delivering Health Literacy in Anesthesia to Improve the mental Health Status of Patients before surgery

CHIA LING KU,Tuz Wen Huang,Hsaio Wen Tsai ,ICHENG LU

The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy on the Stress Adjustment and Relief of Medical Personnel under The COVID-19 Epidemic – Take a Southern Taiwan Hospital for Example


Perceptions and attitudes of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals of different faiths towards therapy dogs in a hospice unit


In space no one can hear you scream. On Creating an Attractive Work Environment for Healthcare Professionals.

Christine Kerr,Eduard Navara,Franziska Laqua,Mina Lahlal,Tobias Kerzenmacher

A Nursing Experience of Caring a Patient with Coronavirus Disease


Effect of Geriatric Training Program in Enhancing Geriatric care Competencies of Hospital nurse.

Pei-Jung Hsu,Hui-Shan Chiang,Jing-Yi Lin,Wan-Yi Cheng

Investigate the task-centered model for the patients who are living alone, disabled, non-elderly, and having difficult hospital discharge: a case study

San-I Lin,Tsung-Hsien Yang,Meng-Hsia Tsai,Xin-Ting Tsai,Jia-Yin Shih

Improving the self-care effect for diabetic patients through telecare

Mei-Yueh TSAI,Li-Yin CHANG,Hui-Chun HSIEH,Chi-Chun HOU,Hsin-Yi LO,Ching-Hui WANG

Empower the Supporting Group for Breast Cancer Patients to establish an association : an experience of a regional hospital in Middle Taiwan

Xin-Ting Tsai,San-I Lin,Tsung-Hsien Yang,Meng-Hsia Tsai,Jia-Yin Shih

Health literacy and quality of conversation: Say - Ask - Understand

Clara Strozer

Exploring the Effects of Applying Shared Decision Making on the Health Literacy of Cancer Patients at a Regional Hospital in Taiwan

Wan-Ju Chen,Hui-Lin Liu,Wen-Chieh Fan

Using a Flipped Classroom to Reduce New Staff’s Stress on Disconnecting Patients from Ventilators for Bathing in the Bathing Room


The Effect of the Medical Mode of Using the Patient Decision Aid in the Case of Terminal Illness Patients with Ventilator Dependence

Ya-Hui Wang,Yen-Ping Tsai

Using empowerment to increase the activity participation rate of patients in chronic psychiatric wards

mei-hui Chin,YU-CHUN Shen

Using case management to reduce the rehospitalization rate of asthmatic


Improve the retinal screening rate of diabetic patients by using AI software and hardware integration scheme in ophthalmology


Using self-management to reduce the hospitalization rate of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Hui-Fei CHEN,Mei-Ling CHO

Factors Associated with Sarcopenia in Community-Dwelling Middle-Aged People

Wei-Wei Hong,Chu-Yun Lu,Wei-Chieh Hung,Wei-Leng Chin,Chi-wei Lin,Han-Chen Lee,

Survey of Cognitive Status in Hemodialysis Patients

Wan-Yi Tsai,Hui Yu Kuo

Improve employees' awareness of high risk of chronic diseases and the reduction rate of high risk employees after intervention

Jin Lien Lai,Hui-Ying Lin,ChiaI I Ko, Jin Ming Liu

Readmission Rate of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome after an Interventional Self-Management Program

Yi-Chun Yang,Tsay-I Chiang,Hsiang-Ping Wang,Bao-Tzung Wu

Using Social Media to reduce the readmission rate of patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Yi-Chun Yang,Bao-Tzung Wu,Mei-Hua Yen

Using interdisciplinary team collaboration to enhance the effectiveness of basal insulin therapy for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients.

Jo-Fan Chen,Hao-Chih Chang,Fang-Pei Hsieh,Yi-Chen Hsu,Yueh-Hao Chen

Exploring the Effectiveness of Clinic Intervention on Home Blood Pressure (HBP) Management Model: A pilot study

Yi-Chun Hu,Yu-Fen Liu,Hao-Min Cheng,Chien-Yuan Wu,Yann-Yuh Jou,Shi-Lun Wei,Chao-Chun Wu

Improving the quality of comprehensive oral care for inpatients in the rehabilitation department

Jia-Ying Xiao,Shu-Zhen Li,Yi Li,He-Zhen Liu,Hui-Chaun Chiang,Huey- Jen Lay

Investigation of the Relationship between the Health Status of Adults and Sarcopenia.

Shan-Chiao Hsu,Shueh-Fen Chen,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

Related experience of outpatients using Question Prompt List

Ai-Wei SHIH,Hung-Yu LIN

Nutritional care for cancer cachexia

Hui Shan Kao,Yu Hua Chen

Message strategies to increase fruit and vegetable intake in adults with cardiovascular risk factors: Application of Taylor’s six-segment message strategy wheel

Hwayeon Jo,SangAh Lee ,Jaewon Lee,SuJeong Kweon,JiHyun Lee,Hyekyeong Kim

Nutrition Education and Exercise Program to Prevent the Risk Factors of Developing Metabolic Disease

Fang-Yu Lin,Shu-Chi Lin,Hui-Ting Huang

Healthy eating lifestyle promotion - Employee health workplace activities during the epidemic

Yu-Ting Lin,Huang-Yu Chang,San-Chi Lin,Wei-Ta Chen,Ling-May Li

Using Aggressive Nutritional Therapy to Improve the Quality of Nutritional Care for Critically Ill Patients

Chih-Kai Yang,Huang-Yu Chang,San-Chi Lin,Wei-Ta Chen,Ling-May Li

The Sharing of the Cooperation Model between Dietitian, Home Care Team and the Discharge Preparation Service Team with the Personal Feeding Health Education Sheet

Chih-Kai Yang,Huang-Yu Chang,San-Chi Lin,Wei-Ta Chen,Ling-May Li

Effect of Nutrition Intervention Using a Social Media Campaign to Reduce Added Sugar Consumption Among Community Residents in Taiwan

Yan-Ju Lin,Yun-Ning Ou,Yun-Chen Hsieh,Lin-Chien Chan

Hospital staff reduce their consumption of free sugars after a novel health promotion program

Yun-Chen Hsieh,Yan-Ju Lin,Yun-Ning Ou,Lin-Chien Chan

Using mobile APP to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of employees' weight loss and health promotion

Pei-Hsuan LEE,Pao-Ping Tsai,Hui-Fei Yang

Early Nutritional Intervention for Cancer Patients at Risk of Malnutrition: Improving Nutritional Status and Quality of Life

Hung Hsuan Wu,Yi Cheng Hou,Cheng-Yang Chiang,Jing‑Hui Wu

Discussion on improving nutrition awareness of community by nutrition group health education

Yu-Hui Lin,Ming-Ren Huang, Chia-Chi Yen

Effects of Using Nutrition Education for Body Weight loss in Psychiatric Day Care Center Patients

Pei-Tzu Chang,Yu-Ru Yang,Ming-Jen Chen,Shu-Fen Hsu

Promoting Assessment and Counselling for Low Salt Diet among Stroke Patients in Hospital

HeyJean Lee,SunHee Lee,YoungEun Sim,

A Comparative Analysis of Cancer Risk between Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) and Nasogastric Tubes (NG) in Taiwan

Chiao-Chuan Lin,Hua-Yin Hsu,Yuan-Tsung Tseng

Satisfaction and Effectiveness Analysis on Staff Weight Reduction Program Using Online System under COVID-19 Pandemic - An Example of a Hospital in Southern Taiwan

Chien Chi CHOU

The benefits of therapeutic exercise during hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: Literatures review


The telecoaching of nutrition education could focus on portion control plate and walking exercise to reduce weight during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yu-Chun Chen,Shu-Ch Lin,Hui-Ting Huang,Chia-Fen Wang

Using group dynamics to reduce the average weight of female employees with metabolic syndrome

Chin-Hui WANG,Shu-Chen HU,Mei-Yuen TSAI,Tzu-Ying YU,Ya-Ling KUO,Hui-Fei CHEN,Meng-Fen CHIEN,Yu-Hui HUANG,Wen-Hui HUANG

Enhancing the quality care of the diabetes team through multi-specialty participation in Diabetes Shared Care Network

Hsin-Yi LO,Mei-Yueh TSAI,Ling-Ting HUANG,Chin-Hui WANG,Ming-Chuan HSIEH,Chi-Chun HOU

Application of a Modified Employee Assistance Program to Reduce the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Hospital Employees

Chiu-Chun Lai,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

The effect of health promotion activities on weight loss of obese adults- Take the example of a community people in Taiwan

HSU-MIN CHIEN,Hsiao-Ping Lee,Hsiao-Yi Liang,Yu-Hua Chen,Yu-Ching Tseng

Smart and Healthy Life of "Weight Loss" by Cross-Team Group to Improve the Effectiveness of Metabolic Syndrome Improvement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shu-Ling Hsu,Yu-Ya Syu,Cheng-Jung Chang,Hsu-Feng Hsiao, Wen-Tsung Huang

Outcome analysis of training program for chronic kidney disease in Taiwan

Wen Chun Chen,Tz Jie Liu,Mei Tsu Chen

Exploring the impact of hospital based exercise education on elderly health - A case study of a hospital in central Taiwan.

Shuling CHEN ,Chou-ni CHOU

Analysis of the effect of on-site health service on weight reduction in a medium-sized enterprise in Kaohsiung

wenshin Su,Weizhong Lin,Mingfen Zheng,Jiaqi Yan

Using group power and an mobile application to help inactive hospital workers start exercising

Shih-Yu Hung,Pao-Ping Tsai,Hui-Fei Yang,Tien-Hung Chou

Using Cross-Team Services To Prevent Disability In Stroke Patients~Taiwan experience

Kuei-Hua Yen,Yi-Fen Lin,Tzu-Chi Chen

A stage-based approach to study readiness for change of dietary and physical activity habits in persons with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes (ACTIVATE Study). A longitudinal multi-method study in a northern Italian Region.

Heike Wieser,Waltraud Tappeiner,Fabio Vittadello,Roberta Endrighi,Bruno Fattor

Cardiovascular risk assessment of diabetes-related complications is related to lifestyle habits

Chih-Hsuan Tasi

The effect of implementing intelligent case management system for Smoking Cessation Services on Smoking Abstinence Rate in a Taiwanese Population

Yan-Ru Chen,Wei-Chieh Hung,Wei-Wei Hung,Wei-Leng Chin,Han-Chen Lee,Chi-Wei Lin

Effectiveness of smoking cessation intervention in patients with coronary heart disease

Mei-Yu Wu,Feng-ching Liao,Hsing-Jung Cheng

Effect of HPH activities for tobacco control on smoking rate and perception of tobacco-smoking among hospital employees

Hiroshi Fukushima,shotarou Imamura

A study of smokers feel about their decision to quit smoking using a decision aid

Su Yi-Lin ,Huang Nuan-Ting ,Tsai Yen-Ping ,Li Shu-Hui ,Chou Wan-Yun

Using Team Resource Management for Smoking Cessation Case Follow-up

Yen-Ping Tsai,Li-Juan Hu,Wan-Ching Chien,Shu-Ju Chang,Shu-Hui Li,Yu-Ling Luo,Jing-Yi Huang,Jia-Ling Wu

Study on the success rate of intervention for smoking cessation in a health hospital by LDCT

Mei-Yen Chang,Wan-Ting Wang,Chia-Chi Yen

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Varenicline versus Combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Smoking Cessation: Experience from a Medical Center in Taiwan

Kuang Chieh Hueh,Ming-Chin Yang,Pei-Ling Tang

Development of health literacy education program for the prevention of smoking hazards among early childhood

Lee Sang Ah,Kim Jiye,Lee Jiyoung,Kim Hyekyeong

The experience of successfully holding smoking cessation classes in the smoking cessation halfway house in Taiwan

Hui-Min Chen,Peir Dan-Mo,Mei-Zhen Liang,Shao-Hua Lai

Job strain associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in hospital nurses: A mediation analysis of work-related fatigue and burnout

Hsien-Hua Kuo,Cheng-Chieh Lan, Hsien-Wen Kuo

The effects of gender and occupation category on health promoting attitude of hospital staff

Pei-Chun Wu,Chen-Wei Wang

Improving Resilience in Nursing Staff with Fluid Painting Art Spiritual Practice

Ruei Yi Pan,Tsyr-Fen Wang,Sung-Yuan Cheng,Ching Hui Chung

Build an integrated chemotherapy cyclone

Hui-shan Chen,Yi-zhen Huang,Pei-ling Xu,Jin-wen Fan,Jia-wen Lu,Liyun Cai

Environmental monitoring for SARS-COV-2 on surfaces and in the air in 2021 and 2022

Elisa Pastore,Gian Carlo Scarpini

Factors associated with the reduction in sedentary behaviors of office workers using Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) based on the Integrated Behavioral Model in South Korea

Jisoo CHAE,Jiye KIM,Hyekyeong KIM

My heart, you understand! Your wish, I accept! -A documentary of a regional hospital using social work to deal with medical complaints

Sheng-Hua Tsai,Yi-Ying Chou,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

The Risk of Dialysis and Death among type 2 diabetes in female nurses: a nationwide matched cohort study

Chia-Yu Chen,Chuan-Yu Kung,Shun-Mu Wang ,Kuo-Fang Hsu,Hsiu-Ling Huang

The Energy-Saving and Carbon-Reduction Effectiveness in a Hospital from the Northern Region of Taiwan

Chiu-Chun Lai,Pin-Lun Wei, Ling-Mei Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

Systematic Collegial Help Program (KoHi) – Description of an intervention program to reduce the impact of stressful work situations in terms of the "Second Victim" phenomenon among staff at the Clinic Hietzing, Vienna, Austria

Elisabeth Krommer,Victoria Klemm,Hannah Rösner,Reinhard Strametz,Wolfgang Huf,Brigitte Ettl

Analysis of improvement results of human hazard in a medium-sized enterprise in Kaohsiung City

Zilin Wang,Weizhong Lin,Mingfen Zheng,Jiaqi Yan

Discussion on the Influence and Adaptation "Nursing Workplace Bullying", on Experiences of Nursing Staff

Yueh-Mien Cheng,Shu-Nu Chen,Feng-Ching Sun,Yi-Yen Tsai

Changes of health indicators after receiving Labour health services in a small workplace in Kaohsiung

Yu-hui Huang,Jianzhou Chen,Weizhong Lin,Mingfen Zheng,Jiaqi Yan

Analysis of the results of the abnormal work overload prevention plan for a computer heat sink manufacturing plant in Kaohsiung Qianzhen Science and Technology Industrial Zone .

Jia-Yi Lu,Ming-Fen Zheng,Jian-liang Lin

Prevention of Needlestick Injuries: A Study of Effectiveness - A Case Study of a Regional Hospital in Taiwan.


Use of GE Discovery RT computer tomography simulation locator to perform the results of MAR technology

Shu-Han Yang,Jun-Yan Wang,Zheng-Fu Li,Cheng-Han Jiang,Yi-lin Xie,Pei-Ying Xie,Chien-Chih Ke,Ming-Yii Huang

Improve the number of medication errors by nursing staff

Mei-Chuan Wu,Pei-Chi Shen,Tzu-Wei Tseng,Hui-Wen KO,Su-Chun Chu

Use icons to improve the correct rate of pipeline communication for medical staff

Mei-Fang Li,Yu-Hui Shen,Chin-Ching Yu

ASST Pavia workers’ training regarding personal protective equipment’s use: Comparison between Covid-19 pandemic pre and post

Gian Carlo Scarpini,Mariagrazia Matrella,Enrico Cotta Ramusino

Sharing the Results of Promoting Nurses' Awareness of Type A Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting in a Hospital in Northern Taiwan

Ting-Yu Chang-Tsai,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin,Chi-Wen Wu

Improving the correct rate of blood transfusion technique for nursing staff in acute psychiatric wards

Wan-Ting Lin,Chen-Ze Cai,Pei-Hua Li,Hui-Zhen Chen,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin,Wen-Zhen Yao

Using quality control circle strategy to improve the awareness rate of medical staff on patients who will be discharged and subsequently received the longterm care 2.0 plan-taking the rehabilitation ward of a hospital in Taipei

Hsu-Min Chien,Yu-Wei Chen,Yu-Hua Chen,Hsiao Yi Liang,shu-Chen Lai

Role of Respiratory Therapists in Quality Improvement

Yi-hui Chen,Yi-Hsiang Sung

Exploring the examination results of migrant workers' chest X-ray tuberculosis examination re-examination hospital and the treatment of multi-care


Improving the care of new emergency nurses for sexual assault ~ enhancing the quality of case care

Shu Nuen Chen,Wei Chun Wu,Wan Ju Chuang, ,Meng Ling Chang

Cross-team optimization of outpatient injection therapy room check-in process

Yin-Chih Tsai

Introduction of the experience in applying mobile health applications(mHealth Apps) in the workplace -An Example of the Health Promoting Hospital in Taiwan

Chen-Wei Shen

Utilization of digital data for "holding health lectures" to promote healthy behavior of local residents

Eri Wada,Norihiro Wada,Kazumi Harada

The Development and Achievement of Health Promoting for Breast Cancer Screening in Taiwan


Development and Practical Implementation of NEWS 2 Clinical Application System in Medical Center


Effectiveness of multimedia tools to optimize health literacy and preoperative preparation in surgical patients

Hsaio Wen Tsai,CHIA LING Ku,Tuz Wen Huang,I-CHENG LU

Using the PDCA method to improve the satisfaction scores of elderly APPs courses learning: A case study of courses held during the COVID-19 and influenza pandemic periods


Genogram Systems: Enhancing Medical Services Through Comprehensive Patient Data Collection

Chia Yeuan Han,Shu-Fang Cheng,Pei-Jyun Chih,Chung-Cheng Tsai

Improving the efficiency of the electronic shift system for nursing staff to shorten the shift time

JIN JEN WU, Wei Ya Weng, Minchi Tu,Li Ching Huang,Shu Nuen Chen ,Yi Fan Tsai

Efficiency of the implementation of teledermatology consultations in Primary Care versus conventional dermatology consultations in the hospital


Effectiveness of Emergency Medical Staff in the Prevention and Management of High-Risk Violence

Yi-Ling Huang,Hsiu-Yen Huang,Su-Hsia Yu,Ying-Hsiang Chuo ,Tzu-Chuan Hsu,Hui-Ting Huang

National Patient Satisfaction Assessment - Improvements

Veronika Stejskalová,Lenka Hynštová

A study on the rate of return visits for cases of abnormal health examination images—Taking a regional teaching hospital in Taiwan as an example

Mei Tsu Chen,Tz Jie Liu,Wen Chun Chen,Chin Yeh Lin

Evaluation of the 4th National Health Plan 2020(2011-2020) Performance Over 10 Years

Yeran Lee,Hyojung Lee,Yunhee Yang,Yumi Oh

An Iterative Quality Improvement Process and Business to Human (B2H) Model Improves Discharge Efficiency

Su-Ling Huang,Pi-Yu Chang

Promoting Environmental Radiation Health and Sustainability: The Case of Taiwan

Jian-Wei You,Yu-Yun Kao

A regional hospital uses a smart mattress (bed-exit alarm) to reduce the effectiveness of patient falls

Yu-Ting Chung,Shiow-Ling Chu,Shu-Chiung Lee,Li-Chiung Yang,Xin-Yu Lin

Using information technology system to improve the accuracy of blood sample collection in wards

Yu-Ting Chung,Shiow-Ling Chu,Shu-Chiung Lee,Chia-Jen Wang,Chien-Yen Huang,Li-Chiung Yang

Evaluation of the implementation of health promotion standards in the Catalan HPH Network

Dolors Juvinyà,Manel Santiñà,Anna-Carol Pérez,Carme Bertran,Sílvia Carbonell,Arian Tarbal,Rosa Simón,Maribel Arévalo

Effectiveness of Enoxolone on oral conditions of patients with periodontal surgery

Chiu-Yen Lin,Hsin-Tien Hsu,Kai-Fang Hu,Yu-Hsiang Chou,Hung-Pin Tu

Effectiveness of using VIVIFRAIL exercise intervention in cancer-related pain ~ Taiwan experience

Wen-Hsiu Chen,Ying Min Liao

Examination of clinical stress in physicians at a teaching hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study of a medical center in southern Taiwan

ShuTing Yeh,YiChun Tsai

Employing Diverse Strategies to Reinforce COVID-19 Prevention Measures in Psychiatric Hospitals


The assisting role of hospitals in response of COVID-19 cluster infections in long-term care facilities.

Yi-Chen Wu,Mei-Ju Chen

Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the negative emotional response in Taiwan’s hospital nurses using structure equation model

Hsien-Hua Kuo,Yi-Der Liu,Hsien-Wen Kuo

Improving Data Upload Reliability and Efficiency in Healthcare Institutions during COVID-19 through Self-developed Middleware

Hao-Chih Chang,Chien-Hung Cheng,Jo-Fan Chen

Six months impacts of COVID-19 patients on the hospitalized resources utilization of a medical center in Taiwan

Chiao-Wen Chang,Chien-Min Huang

Work-related stress, burnout and copying behaviors in healthcare employees experienced COVID-19 epidemic using structural equation model (SEM)

Wen-Zhen Yao,Wen-Yin Huang,Su-Zu Cheng,Er-Mei Chen,Hsien-Wen Kuo,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

Preliminary study on the effectiveness of discharge planning caring model for patients with Covid-19 in a regional hospital in northern Taiwan

ChiaChi Chang,ChunMei Hou,YaFang Chen,SungYun Chen,ShuNuen Chen,YiFan Tsai

Discuss the key factors of volunteer management during the epidemic from the perspective of health promotion

Shiow-Ching Liang,Chih-yu Wu,Chia-Chi Yen,Ming-Jen Huang

During the epidemic, to adopt a non-face-to-face online platform for hospital staff to order anti-epidemic meal boxes

Hong Meng Han,Chen Jiyuen Tieng ,Lin Shu Chi ,Huang Hui Ting

The effect of remote health management on the improvement of metabolic syndrome among health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wen-Chuan Shen,Shu-Yun Tu,Nain-Feng Chu

To explore the effectiveness of protective equipment piercing training for assistants in the Dedicated ward for severe infectious pneumonia

Meei-huey Liang,Wen-Chuan Lu,Yi-Fen Lin,Ching-Mei Yu Yu

Assessing Disparities in COVID-19-related Health Literacy and Associated Factors among Senior Care Workers

Jin-Ding Lin,Lan-Ping Lin,Jia-Rong Yu

Improving the 'Telemedicine Smart Care Package' to enhance the nursing care efficiency for hospitalized COVID-19 patients


How Can We Help? Falls Prevention for Elderly Patients in a COVID-19 Isolation Facility


Could limited social participation help sustain healthy life during COVID-19?

Fumihiro Saitoh,Makoto Kaneko,Hotaka Hara,Takako Motomura,Kumiko Maruyama,Yumiko Okamoto,Hisako Kuribayashi,Kouichi Imai,Katsunori Kondo

Regarding end-of-life care for our home visit patients before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teruhiro Inoue,Taiga Tsugimatsu,Eri Sakagami,Kazumi Son,Kayo Nagashima,Misato Mikihara,Fumihiro Saito

Experience Sharing of Metropolitan Hospitals The Coronavirus Disease 2019 Large-Scale Screening Mission in Community

Ya-Hui Nien,Jason J. Lee,Saint Shiou-Sheng Chen,Ting-Fang Chiu

The changes of metabolic abnormalities and health behaviors among general population during COVID-19 pandemic in Korea

Eunjoo Kwon,Suyoung Kim,Seon Cho,Hyeran Park,Jae-Young Park,Eun-Hee Lee,In-One Kim

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on sexually transmitted disease infection in Taiwan

Chi-Wen Wu,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

COVID-19 death case analysis and holistic care

Shu-Chuan Tai,lan Chiu,Yen-Chen HSU,Shih- Chen Yang,I-Chen Chu

Impact of setting up out-of-hospital community screening station on the prevalence of COVID-19

Yu-Ping Chang,Chia-Chen Hsu

To explore the analysis of the behavior and willingness of patients with chronic diseases to vaccinate the Covid-19 vaccine


Using Business Model on the Implementation of Multiple Payment Systems to Pay at Discharge in the COVID-19 Epidemic

Su-Ling Huang,Pi-Yu Chang

Efforts Made by HPH Pharmacy under the Covid-19 Pandemic


Real time teleconsultation for COVID-19 patients cared at home reduced the burden of hospitalization care

Hsin-Yi Lien,Ming-Chung Ko,Ching-Yao Tsai

Societal Influences and Depression in Adolescents and Caregivers during COVID-19 in Taiwan

Kuan-Ying Hsieh,Frank Huang-Chih Chou

Operation of the COVID-19 Community Treatment Center to improve the health of mild COVID-19 patients in South Korea

Seung Yeon Lee

Assessment of the benefits and risks of oral antiviral drugs for COVID-19

Yi-Ju Chen,Che-Jung Lin,Wan-O Chu,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

Effectiveness of Antiviral Drugs in use Clozapine Psychiatric Day Ward Patients Suffering from COVID-19 - Taking One Northern General Hospital as an Example

Hsu-Chaio Chang,Jui-Chen Lai,Wei-Hsin Wu,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

Improving Preoperative Visit Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fu-Hsiang Hsieh,Mei-Lin Chen,Mei-Fang LI,Meng-Zhe Jlang,Hua-Jun Hong,Chia-Wen Lu

Applying multiple strategies to cluster infection of COVID-19 in acute psychiatric wards

金鈴 陳

Discussion on the Effectiveness of Promoting the Cooperation Model of Dementia Interprofessional Teams

Wen-Hui Li,Hsiu-Yen Huang,Tzu-Chuan Hsu,Ying-Hsiang Chuo,Hui-Ting Huang,Ling-Yu Liao

Dietary Diversification as an Intervention for Food Refusal among Patients with Severe Dementia and Comorbid Diabetes

Hsin-ju Yang,Ya-Hui Wang

Analysis of the Demography of the Alzheimer's Disease Patients : A Case Study of Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital

Hui-Chu Chuang,Yu-Jung Chang,Yen-Tsen Chen

Asking can help:Developing a question prompt list (QPLs) as a communication aid for the Geriatrics Clinic.

Wan-Yi Cheng,Pei-Jung Hsu,Hui-Shan Chiang,Jing-Yi Lin

Effect Analysis of Health Education Intervention on Elderly Patients with Kidney Disease Complicated by Hyperlipidemia

Hsiu-Chuan Hsieh,Shiaw-wen Chien,Paik- Seong Lim,Jia-Min Wu

A Survey of Bone Mineral Density, Fracture Risk and Sarcopenia of Elderly in the North of Hualien County (excluding Hualien City), the Eastern Taiwan

Chien Ju Chen,Seng Loong Ng,Jia Jie Wang,Siao Syuan Fu

Risk of coronary heart disease in the elderly associated with medication of depression: a population-based retrospective cohort study in Taiwan

Ya-Wen Lin,Ming-Hung Lin,Hui-Ping Liu

A systematic literature review of self-management programs for metabolic syndrome in middle-aged and elderly adults

Wen Chun Chen,Tz Jie Liu,Mei Tsu Chen

The development of a theory-based protocol for peer-led self-management in older adults with type 2 diabetes: process and content

Jui Jung Chung,Wen Chun Chen,Tz Jie Liu,Mei Tsu Chen

Relationship between chronic diseases and bone density in the elderly

Kuan-Yu Lin,Shueh-Fen Chen,Ling-May Li,Wei-Ta Chen,San-Chi Lin

Effect of exercise and nutritional intervention using Fried frailty scale in community elderly with sarcopenic obesity

Kuan-Ling Chen,Jung-Ru Liao,Yu-Chiao Chen,Yi-Ling Zhang

Exploring the impact of exercise lifestyle on the physical activity of senior citizens

Pei Shuang Wu,Jo hsiang Li

Examining the consistency of the clinical frailty scale between family companions and geriatric case managers

Hung Yi Hsu,Pei Shuang Wu,Pei Chun Wu,Chen Wei Wang

Exploring the effect of implementing integrated care for older people (ICOPE) approach in Taiwan’s hospitals: A pilot study.

Yi-Chun Hu,Yung-Huang Wang,Yung-Chi Hsieh,Chi-Hsien Wang,Chien-Yuan Wu,Yann-Yuh Jou,Shi-Lun Wei,Chao-Chun Wu

The role of primary prevention in the management of postoperative delirium – analysis of the updated guideline of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Bruno Neuner,Maria Schubert,Gabriella Bettelli,Claudia Spies

Performance Improvement of Dementia Care Team with a Balanced Score card

Su Yi-Lin,Tseng Min,Lai Chia-Min,Fu Mei-Chiung,Lin Hsiu-Li

Discussion on the Effectiveness of Promoting the Age-Friendly 4Ms Care Model

Chiu-Ju Pan ,Hsiu-Yen Huang ,Tzu-Chuan Hsu,Ying-Hsiang Chuo,Hui-Ting Huang

Exploring the effectiveness of prevention and delay of disability programs for Community care center

Shiow-Ching Liang,Yu-fang Chien,Chia-Chi Yen,Ming-Jen Huang

The Role of Health Checkups

Yasue Takatani,Fusako Inoue,Shoichi Miyata,Tsuyako Konishi,Fumihiro Saitoh,Takayuki Orii,Kyota Negishi

The SARC-F scale combined with calf circumference measurement in assessing the risk of sarcopenia in diabetic patients.

Shu Ying Su

Effectiveness of illustrated leaflets intervention of physical restraints in caregivers: quasi-experimental research

Ying-moan Huang ,Wen-Chuan Lu,Ching-Mei Yu

To explore the effects of physical activity and acupressure on the well-being and cognitive ability of the elderly

Cheng Chun-Hua,Wu Pei-Jen,Cheng Ya-Chen,Lee Pai-Lin

Association of Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) versus Nasogastric Tubes(NG) : A Retrospective Cohort Study

Chiao-Chuan Lin,Hua-Yin Hsu,Yuan-Tsung Tseng

Strategies to Improve Diet Quality of Community Group Meal Services for the Elderly

Hsiu-Chuan Chou,Hui-Ping Chang,Tzu-Chin Wei,Pei-Chu Wang,Chih-Hsuan Lin,Ming-Jie Wu,Chia-Tung Wu,Wei-Ting Tai,Ting-Chi Gong,Ru-Yan Ruan,Yi-Chiao Cheng,Meng-Hui Lin

Effects of Chronic Diseases and Community Care Intervention on Disability in the Elderly

Huoy-In Liou,Yun-Hsiu Hung,Hsiao-Yen Kang,Shin-Shuan Fang,Shin-Tien Hsu,Kuang-Shuo Chen

Spiritual-Care to Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA)Patient with Leukemia by Creative Arts-related Activities

Chik-Yi Chan,Yu-Cheng Chang,Wen-Ting Cheng,Keng-Chen Lin,Tsui-Chi Chen

The Improvements of Eating Behaviors and Body Weight on Obese Children and Adolescents by the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Care in NTUCH

Shu-Mei Tsai,Yen-Tsz Chen,Pei-Shan Chen,Hsi-Wen Huang,Chih-Hsuan Chang,Hui-Ru Yang,Chien-Ting Hsu,Kai-Chi Chang,Hui-Chuen Chen,Pey-Rong Chen,Huey-Ling Chen

Using the concept of children's paradise to build a pediatric treatment room to reduce the fear of treatment for sick children

Tzu-Wei Tseng,Shiu-Fang Pan,Yu-Hui Shen

The Involvement of Pharmacist in Cancer Education for Elementary and Junior High School Students

Norihiro Wada,Tsubakino Nanako

Spiritual health promotion-the application of picture books in spiritual care for children with cancer and their families

Ya-Chen Lin,Sung-Yuan Cheng,Shu-Chen Lee

Interventions to promote healthy eating habits among children hospitalised in a rehabilitation center

Natasha Levinton-Ashkenazy,Rakela Benaltabet,Chemda Gluck,Sharon Shaklai

The effect of application of a customer-made exergame program on balance and motor skills in preschool children with developmental coordination disorder

I-Hsiu Liou,Pei-Yi Lin,Jin-Shuen Chen,Rong-Ju Cherng

A Preliminary Study on the Effect of Blended Fitness Program Intervention on Healthy Weight to Adolescents

Chia-shan Wu,Shih-Ling Lin,Mei-Fang Chen

Increase the sense of well-being of hospitalized children- a preliminary study of the effect clown intervention in Taiwan

Chiu-hua Chu

Spiritual Care for Patients of Tocolysis with Art Creation

Li-chun Huang,Ruei-Yi Pan,Sung-Yuan Cheng,Chung-Ted Huang

Perinatal health status and health outcomes of offspring of pregnant women with disabilities in Taiwan: an assessment and recommendation study

Yu-Chia Chang,Cheng-Chia Yang,

Stress, sleep, and maternal efficacy among Taiwanese mothers with a preterm infant

Yong-Chuan Chen,Ya-Fang Huang,Hui-Ju Ke,Pin-Hua Lin,Hsiu-Feng Liu,TsaiChieh Pu,Shih-Yu Lee

Bottlenecks in the Intervention of Improving Maternal and Newborn Health in Rural Areas of Tanzania: A convergent mixed-method approach

Hyeyun Kim,Jiye Kim,Seohyeon Lee,Minkang Cho,Hyekyeong Kim

Guided by the folk belief center, build a healthy community and jointly fulfill corporate social responsibilities

Chia-Hsien Tung,Li-Jen Chang,Huey-Jen Lai

Hepatitis C Detection and Prevention Campaign

Li-Yueh CHEN,Shu-Zhen Li,Ming-Yin He,Hui-Chaun Chiang,Huey-Jen Lay

Preliminary study on the establishment of active reporting indicators of hospitals to prevent child abuse incidents in the community

Chi-Hung Li,Li-Nine Han,Pei-Chi Chen

Discussion on the impact of the hospital-based community base service model on the health of the elderly-Taking a central regional hospital in Taiwan as an example


HPH Intervention Interview sheet and support for financial difficulty and social isolation

Yoshie Yuki,Motoya Maeda,Ryuichi Fuchi,Misato Yamahara,Ai Noguchi

Partnership of Government and Healthcare Professional Organizations for Geriatric Emergency Department Implementation in Taiwan

Chien-Yuan Wu,Chia-Jung Yang,Tian-Hoe Tan,Chip-Jin Ng,Chien-Cheng Huang,Chao-Chun Wu

Collaborative Efforts between Government and Healthcare Professional Organizations in Taiwan to Continuously Promote Geriatric Emergency Department

Chien-Yuan Wu,Yuan-Fang Chung,Chia-Jung Yang,Tian-Hoe Tan,Chip-Jin Ng,Chien-Chin Hsu,Chien-Cheng Huang,Chao-Chun Wu

Development of a community-based NCD prevention and management program using mHealth in Cambodia

Eunjoo Kwon,Hyunseung Kim,Seungwan Ryoo,Hyungyu Choi,Jinyoup Ryu,Oknam Hwang,Yukyung Kim,Youngran Yang,Seon Cho,Jae-Young Park,Eun-Hee Lee,In-One Kim

The Study of Improving Referral Behavior from Primary Care Clinics to Community Medical Centers in Taiwan

Ming-Shu Chen,Wo-Chuan Lin,Tsou-Chi Chen

The necessity of utilizing HPH and SDH questionnaires.

Tsuyako Konishi,Mika Suzuki,Jyuniti Yasuoka,Ai Isikawa,Nao Doi,Kyota Negishi

Creating a watchful eye through the food pantry.

Keiko Saito,Hisaaki Sirasu,Tomizou Tukui,Satae Sinoda,Fujiko Motida,Hiroki Yamaguti,Kyota Negishi

Community Integration Service Model in Taiwan


The effectiveness of promoting the community integrated care service model under the COVID-19 epidemic ~ Experience in Taiwan

Hsiu-Ling Chung ,Cyong-ru Hsu,Su-Yu Chang

Benefit Analysis of Structural Group Activities on Community-Based Dementia Care Centers

Hui-Chu Chuang,Shang-Chien Huang,Yu-Jung Chang

Medical social workers’s experience of the middle-aged providing for the elderly cases: a case study of ShowChwan Memorial Hospital


Effectiveness of Community Health Promotion Center programs for local residents in South Korea

Seohyeon Lee,Jiye Kim,Jiyoung Lee,Sujeong Kweon,Yunkyung Lee,Jaewon Lee,Hyekyeong Kim,

A Preliminary Study on the Steps and Effects of Hospitals in Promoting Dementia-Friendly Services


Using QR Code to improve the effectiveness of diabetes education

Lee Yi-Lien ,Chang Yi-Ling

Teaching and learning for Elderly CKD patients

Chang Yi-Ling, Lee Yi-Lien

Experience sharing on the promotion of compassionate care communities - Cooperating to build a network of hospitals and communities - Taking Tai-pei, Taiwan as an example

Hsin- Yi Lin,Samuel Shih-Chih Wang,Yi-Ling Wu

Anthropometric changes in female participants in the combined aerobic and resistance training program longer than one year: A cohort study

Jung-sun Lim,Bumjo Oh,Hee-Jin Hwang,Han Jin Oh

Discussion on the impact and the significance of Mobile Phone Courses for Senior Citizens in Community


Results of Low-Dose Computed Tomography in lung cancer screening

Wen-chieh Chen,Yu- Ying Yen,Yi-Cheng Tsai,Chiung-Ling Chiu,Ming-Ren Huang,Chia-chi Yen

A Preliminary Study on the Changing Burden of Conscientious Care for Family Caregivers of Dementia Cases Receiving Long-Term Care Services

Tsui-Hsi Taug,Shu-Ling Ma,Shu-Wan Huang

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